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5 Steps to Emotional Clarity Worksheet

5 Steps to Emotional Clarity Worksheet


In college, I was almost always overwhelmed by my own emotions. I was stressed, angry, tired, you name it. I thought it would go away on its own once I graduated. It didn't. I began to study and utilize stress and emotion management. I became a Reiki Master and a year later, a dual-certified health and life coach. I still found that every once in awhile, I would struggle with overwhelm, and found that a lot of others do, too.


Finally, I decided that I would find a way to make working through it simple. Using all that I learned, I visualized how I would work through it myself and how I guide my clients to work through things. Combining all of this, I was able to come up with prompts to decimate the struggle.


Sit with these emotions for at least five to ten minutes, and then start working through the steps. It's okay if you can't zoom through 1-5 right away in one sitting. Give yourself time to unpack it all. You may have to do it more than once to work through the big emotions that are swallowing you. That's okay. Learning how to process and conquer emotions is a journey that everyone must take. If dealing with emotions were easy, we wouldn't need mindfulness and worksheets.


You can also print this worksheet out for your clients or students and witness the positive shift!

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    5-page worksheet

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