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Whenever you're feeling stagnant, stuck, or like you can't reach your goals no matter what you try, it might be time to reach out and invest in a coach. Coaching is a journey, and your coach is a guide. When you begin this journey, you'll set goals and work with your coach on how to reach them- your coach can also help you set these goals if needed. Your coach will check in on you during the journey, just in case those goals move or change! When we reach a goal, sometimes it gives us a new baseline and shows us that we're more than we first assumed and can achieve even more. Coaching is based in cognitive behavioral therapy and utilizes methods that make changing identity much simpler and easier than you'd think!


On this journey, you and I will work together to create your next steps and make habit change easy- even fun, if you let it! Coaching is effective for so many different areas and life stages, so there's a wide variety of programs available. It's perfectly acceptable to have only one session or infrequent sessions with a coach, as well, as different people need different types and levels of support.

Your Coach, Ashley, is a certified health and life coach through the Health Coach Institute and possesses a degree in psychology. They continue their coaching study through research and further courses in order to be able to guide more effectively.


Reiki is the art of supportive healing developed by Usui Mikao. Its goal is to use universal energy to provide relaxation and stress relief and promote the body’s ability to heal. While it does not substitute professional medical care, it is beneficial to undergo Reiki as a supplement to one's physical, mental, and spiritual health.

The theory is that a body’s ability to heal and manage stressors is directly affected by their chakras and energy field (often referred to as one's aura). The less balance and more blockages of the chakras, the more susceptible we are to illnesses and stress that negatively impacts our ability to function. In a session (usually lasting 30-90 minutes), the practitioner channels energy through their palms into the client's chakras and aura as needed (touching is not required- you don't even have to be in the same location). Those who undergo these sessions often report feeling a relaxing sensation overcome their body when the practitioner begins. Others describe it as tingly or as a washing over of energy, while some don't feel the effects until later. Everyone experiences Reiki differently, and there is no wrong experience. There are no possible negative consequences from Reiki. All who receive Reiki should take care to remain hydrated to help the body can flush toxins.

To learn Reiki, students are taught by a Master. After learning what is necessary for the Level, students undergo their Attunement, which gives them increased access and ability to channel energy. There are three Levels of Attunement in Reiki: I, II, and Master (III). In Level II, students must learn three sacred symbols that are traditionally not to be shared with anyone under Level II- simply because they won’t work for those not attuned. Master Level is mastery of the art, where the practitioner learns the master symbol. They are the most “in-tune” with the universal life energies. It is possible to be attuned multiple times in order to channel greater amounts of energy.

Your Practitioner, Ashley, received all Levels of Attunement in Usui Reiki from Heaether of Trillium Moon Reiki and Master Level in Crystal Reiki from Meia Hanna.

To learn more about Reiki, please visit the official organization’s website

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