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Bringing you back home within yourself.

     I've studied healing methods and esoterica for a decade, collecting knowledge from many different teachings and teachers. Just like everyone else, I am an eternal student, always looking to learn more and improve what I can offer to my clients. I am grateful to have been divinely supported in my journeys, and have chosen to take the bodhisattva vow.

     I earned my ICF accredited Health and Life Coach certifications from Health Coach Institute, adding greatly to the knowledge obtained from having a Bachelor's in psychology. My Usui Reiki training and certifications were provided by Trillium Moon Reiki over the course of three years, whilst my Crystal Reiki certification is from a local practitioner, Lisa Hanna.

     In my coaching programs, I work with your life rather than rearranging it entirely. I believe in making it easy and doable, as small steps still travel miles. My specialty is helping you not only figure out what you want, but how to get it, and make it simple.

     Life can be overwhelming when you don't have the support system you need. It is my joy to be your guide, supporting you in creating a stable, sturdy support system. I'll even be one of your constants, if you choose. This system will enable you to see yourself as you truly are: someone who can take their life back into their own hands.

Keep an eye on the blog for the announcement of the release of my Podcasts, Coaching to Come Home and Witching in the South.

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