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Interview with Ashley

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get started?


Well, that’s a bit of a story, and it requires me to be a bit vulnerable. During college, I thought I’d be working in the field of psychology. I thought I might be in a lab analyzing statistics to understand why people lash out at others so fiercely that they commit crimes and how to better the world through awareness and education that prevents those hate crimes. To be able to do that, I have to get a doctorate, but I have some goals that I have to complete first in order to be able to securely go. While doing some research on certifications I could get to help people in the meantime, I stumbled upon something called health and life coaching. The more I looked into it, the more I fell in love with coaching and how it empowered people! It pairs really well with the services I already offer, such as Reiki.


The very next day, I called the Health Coach Institute to inquire about their program that began in December of 2021 and enrolled in a journey that changed my life beyond what I expected. Beyond teaching me basic nutrition and excellent health and life habits (and how to make sure they stick), the program taught me what I had lost sight of: I have control over my life and I don’t have to sit and wait for things to happen. To get the life I want, I just have to reach out and take it. It’s not always easy and requires consistency, but it’s achievable. What really holds us back is that hesitation to take the first step. Once we take that step, it becomes easier and easier to take another, and another, and another…


I want others to be able to reach their life-changing realization that gives them their power back and allows them to achieve their goals so that they can also experience the freedom and happiness that it grants. I want people to know that they are not broken and they don’t need to be “fixed,” they just need to have their own personal power back into their own hands. Only we can make those changes for ourselves. We just need the support and accountability to do so.


What kinds of clients do you work with?


I work with those seeking to regain control over their lives, whether that’s through their health, lifestyles, careers, financial outlook, relationships, or spirituality. I want my clients to know that life happens for them, not to them. My specialty is assisting clients who might be at a loss of where to start and might feel overwhelmed, helping them learn that they do already know where to go and what to do. While working with me, they discover that the power truly is in their own hands and that their choices are what creates change in their life.

How are you different from other coaches?


Unfortunately, a lot of coaches focus on fad diets, where you have to focus on what you can’t eat or do, which creates a scarcity mindset. This causes your brain to hyperfocus on what you can’t eat or do until you crash and binge, which makes you feel even worse. There’s also an alarming tendency of telling people they have to “earn” eating or doing something they enjoy. If this tactic worked, I would have published several books by now (I used to tell myself that I couldn’t have any of the snacks I liked until I wrote a chapter every day, which caused me to get burned out on writing and set off a bit of a spiral).


The programs that I use focus on achieving your goals and what you get to eat and do, without stressing you about things you can never, ever eat or do. The key to life is moderation, after all, so we don’t want to slap the “never” stamp on anything unless you personally just never want to eat or do something. Again, there’s a major focus on how you already know what’s right for you, which is a bit unique in the industry, as well. My job is to help educate clients and provide support and accountability so that they can make the choices that are best for them.


What type of personality do you work best with and what would be expected of me, if I were a client?


My programs are designed for those looking to take back their personal power and are committed to making the changes necessary to do so. The journey of a thousand miles is made one step at a time, though, so no need to make drastic changes that won’t last! I work best with those who are ready to make these small steps that will lead to their goals and often benefits that they don’t expect.


Consider what you’ll do with me to be a transformational experience where you’re consistently taking action. No more worrying that you’ll never find what works for you and creates the lasting change you’re hoping for; you’ll open up to a very different way of thinking and have full support while you achieve your goals. And remember, in a war with yourself… who wins?


Who does the program NOT work for?


Those who aren’t willing to make changes yet and therefore won’t get the results they would be investing in (which isn’t fair to them, so I do my best to prevent that and very gently turn them away for now). It also won’t work for those who aren’t ready to financially commit to their own transformation and invest in themselves or those who want a crash diet rather than lasting change.


My programs also aren’t good fits for those with closed minds, individuals who consistently don’t show up to sessions, or those who make excuses to keep putting themselves and their health and life last on their list of priorities.


If anyone is one of those types of people, I gently and respectfully ask that you not schedule an initial conversation and I hope that you understand why. We’ll likely not work well together and I don’t want anyone to waste their time or money. Is that fair?


What exactly is your system and what does it include?


Ooh, let’s give away some trade secrets here with this one! I’m kidding, I’m kidding. The system used in my programs are holistic journeys that involve mind, body, and soul healing. It sounds really dramatic, I know, but it isn’t.


We cover the “6 ‘W’ Questions” that you may have learned about in school when talking about effective journalism- what, when, how, where, why, and who. These actually give us a pretty good formula for getting the full story on any subject, and we really want to make sure we’re getting the whole story around food, body, activities, and anywhere else we perceive there to be an issue.


To use the Total Revive program as an example, which is the health program, we go step-by-step through what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, and where to eat before we cover the really important questions of why you eat and who you’re being when you eat. “Diets-” we call that the “d-word” at the institute I studied with- don’t really work because they don’t address every part of you and don’t allow you to explore your motivation for living a better life.


On top of that, there’s lots of tips, tricks, and strategies to manage your health and life more easily, making your health and life work for you instead of the other way around! I love sharing and learning goodies like that! If clients are open to it, I mix in some of the other services I offer.


Does this really work?


I’d joke and say to discover it for yourself, but to answer seriously since this will help people who aren’t sure, yes, it truly does. The results achieved through our work comes from taking an approach to our bodies and lives that allows us to feel purposeful, powerful, and even peaceful- sometimes for the first time in our lives! The system I use is backed by results. I also keep a Testimonials page on my website for people who are curious about what my previous clients have experienced.

What results could I expect as a client?


Honestly, that depends on the client’s goal! Clients create a vision of what their transformation looks like, discover and anchor into their Big Motivating Factor- this is the reason why this change matters to the client- and clear emotional and physical clutter from their lives to make space for the “New You.”


Again using Total Revive as an example, clients will become informed on how to approach food by finding their ideal template for what to eat at each meal, upgrading food quality, incorporating hydration, phasing in food that gives energy, phasing out foods that take energy, learning how often to eat each day for their unique body, how, when, and if they should use fasting, and uncovering that secret weapon of how they’re eating.


All of my programs convey how to optimize lifestyles by helping clients discover how to feed their mind, soul, and body through non-food-related methods, as well, like sleep patterns, movement, love, intimacy, fun, and play! One of our goals in working together is to get them to the place where they’re being honest about what’s working and not working in their careers, relationships, family and friend life, spiritual connection, and anywhere else where they’re saying “yes” when they really want to say “no,” or vice versa.


Another major thing is learning how to receive help and support, because clients are often always giving and giving, but who’s giving back to them? Most of all, I want clients to put themselves and their health first because this is their time! No more putting themselves last! Oftentimes, clients struggle with this one, but you cannot pour from an empty glass; it just doesn’t work. It took me, personally, a very long time to learn that one, so it’s very important to me to help others realize the same.


How quickly can a client expect results?


To be honest, that transformation begins the second they say “yes,” and just keeps going every day through their coaching experience and beyond that. Saying “yes” to yourself is a very powerful thing. The more time and effort that they invest in themselves, the quicker and deeper the results!


How can a client guarantee that they’ll get the full extent of the program results?


If clients have tried and failed in the past, chances are very high that it’s mainly because they didn’t have the right support, system, or accountability. In every program, clients get all of those aspects. A major part of the reason for the significant investment in these experiences is to ensure that clients show up for themselves like they never have before, which is absolutely life-changing.


Will clients recover the investment they put into the coaching programs?


When clients add up everything they’ve spent on diets, exercise, memberships, and all the other ways they’ve tried to fix whatever they’ve been struggling with and how much they estimate they’d spend in the coming years looking for a solution if they didn’t make a change, their answer is usually in the seven digits and higher! It’s kind of daunting to think about, but the bright side is that this amount is what they save by investing in making doable and effective changes to their lives now.


Another aspect to also consider is how much achieving their goal is worth to them. The information and skills learned in these programs stay with them forever and truly transform their health and lives. I’m always really proud of my clients for investing in themselves now rather than later when things have gotten really out of hand.


How would I get started if I decided that, based on everything I’ve read and learned about you, I wanted to learn from you?


Well, I’d congratulate you on making a decision for a completely new experience of life, and I’d be honored and excited to be your guide on this journey!


To get started, go ahead and schedule a breakthrough session with your chosen program- each one has a description that explains the area it targets. If you’re not sure on the exact program yet, no worries! We’ll talk about that in the Breakthrough Session, as it’s normal to not always know exactly which area you want to focus on. This is where clients officially enroll! I’ll walk you through how to make the investment, which is very straightforward, as you can pay through Calendly when you enroll or via invoice.


I recommend choosing a recurring day and time for sessions, and scheduling is done through Calendly to make it as easy as possible for everyone involved. These sessions should be considered sacred time and first priority, because you are sacred and first priority. The sessions are once a week for 90 days, totalling twelve sessions in all.


I’ll send over a Welcome Email with the Coaching Program Agreement that needs to be signed prior to the first session, as well as your Calendly scheduling link. Based on your program, you may also need to keep an eye out for a special welcome kit designed to enhance your experience- the address will be collected after the payment arrangement during your Breakthrough Session, so no need to send it anywhere.


I know that it can seem like a lot to do, but tackling the beginning of our transformation journeys can seem overwhelming to the point where we’re tempted to stay where we are. Coaching is a process that is facilitated in a specific way that allows you to be different without having to think about being different. It may not make sense now, but it will! The first step is raising that awareness about what we really desire for ourselves and our lives, which is what we discuss in the Breakthrough Session and our first program session.


Do people ever renew and continue working with you?


Yes! Statistically, at least a third of clients enrolled in programs designed this way want to continue the work because they love the ongoing support and stretch. If that’s something you’d like to do, I’ll share how you can do that closer to the completion of your first transformational experience.


I’m ready to do this for myself! I do have a couple of additional questions for off the books- can we address them in our Breakthrough Session?


Absolutely! We’ll be sure to cover all of your questions, and the Discovery Breakthrough Session- shortened to Breakthrough Session- gives you that firsthand experience of what it feels like to have a powerful coach and mentor in your corner to remind you that you are also powerful. Thank you for your questions and for allowing me to share with clients!

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