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Furthering How I can Serve

Hello, doves! I have an exciting development for you all, although the effects of this will not be available until about mid-year 2022. I have enrolled in health and life coaching certification with the Health Coach Institute so that I can add that to my offerings after successfully completing the course. By the time I add it here, I'll have at least three clients in my repertoire as part of the program! I'm very excited about all that I'm getting to learn and how much more I'll be able to offer to help others improve their lives with lasting change. I genuinely look forward to assist you in developing and becoming your ideal self! For now, I'll be offering the usual services until I'm certified to offer coaching!

Why am I getting a health and life coach certification to add to my services? Helping others has always been my passion, especially when it comes to reaching their highest self and seeing their dreams become reality. I want to enable people to take hold of their own personal power and discover how strong they really are- many people don't realize just how much they can do! Though I may not personally know you yet, I am so proud of how much you have made it through already, and I want you to feel supported on your journey to reaching your potential. It fills me with joy to hear about latest accomplishments and how much you've grown! I can't wait to see what else you can do when you decide you want to do it!

Additionally, please keep an eye on my YouTube channel for fun updates- I plan to upload the introduction video to my business this week with more in the works. I'll be posting a self-introduction so that you all can get to know me, explanations of each service, and more! You can also explore the rest of my channel if any of it catches your eye and see what all I get up to. All of the Serene Vibes videos will be delegated to a playlist that I will title "Serene Vibes Reiki Practice" for ease of locating. I expect to have our first video by Wednesday!

As always, I wish you a beautiful, safe, and healthy day! Take care of yourselves!

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