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Reiki Level I

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Learn Usui Reiki at your own pace with pre-recorded videos and a manual (the manual will be your best friend when you're first starting out). This class is taught in accordance with Usui Shiki Ryoho, and students are strongly encouraged to email about any questions that might arise. Students must email upon completion in order to schedule their Attunement, which will be easily set up via a Calendly link (this link will be provided when you email to let me know you've completed your training). Live Reiki classes are offered for $111. Manual and Attunement only is also offered for $60, which can be found on the Store page. I am a certified Reiki Master in both Usui and Crystal Reiki, forms of vibrational (energetic) healing passed from teacher to student. This ancient technique clears energetic blockages, encourages healing, and provides the client with an energetic shield. Everything in our world is energy, which is interpreted on a vibrational level, starting with atoms, the building blocks. The Earth itself has an electromagnetic frequency of 7.82 hertz. Some vibrations are not ideal, however, so Reiki seeks to alter that and get us back to an ideal vibrational level. Reiki is a method of healing practiced by many figures in history and is a channel for awakening the natural ability to heal on all levels.

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